Spider-Man No Way Home India Collection (Box-Office Records)

Last updated on 07 May 2022.

Spider-Man is breaking records in India. Check out the final ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Indian box office collection!

Spider-Man No Way Home Box Office Collection in India

This ultimate Spidey movie is already a huge success. The total Spider-Man No Way Home box office collection in India is ₹218 Crores. This is the ‘net‘ collection (without tax) amount, according to the reports.

Here are the daily numbers for this movie at the Indian box office for the first weekend:

  • Day 01: 32.67 Crores
  • Day 02: 20.37 Crores
  • Day 03: 26.10 Crores
  • Day 04: 29.23 Crores

It reached the ₹100 crores mark in just 4 days of its extended weekend release from 16 to 19 December.

It is now the biggest Hollywood movie of 2021 in India, beating Godzilla vs Kong’s ₹46 crores collection this year.

The biggest states in India where it made most of its money are Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. 

It is also the 2nd biggest opening day box-office collection for a Hollywood movie in India. The number 01 movie is still ‘Avengers: Endgame’ which crossed 52 crores on the first day. 

Movie theatres PVR and INOX made big bucks with this movie during this dull year for movie theatres. This will definitely boost this year’s ticket sales and profits for them.

Let’s see whether it will beat the 300 crores+ box office collection of Avengers Endgame in India. While it was released on more screens than Endgame, problems like 50% occupancy in Maharashtra and the current safety environment will definitely affect the ‘No Way Home’ collection.

Also, note that The Last Tom Holland’s Spidey movie, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ (2019) made ₹86 crores which made it into the Top 10 Hollywood movies in India according to the box-office collection.

Spider-Man No Way Home Worldwide collection

Spider-Man has made $1.89 Billion worldwide right now, according to BoxOfficeMojo. The opening day collection in the US is $121 million which makes it the 2nd biggest opening day after Avengers 4.

The hype and excitement for this movie are paying off with the huge ticket sales all around the globe.

Indian Box Office Records of ‘No Way Home

These are the box office records made by Spider-Man No Way Home in India:

(via Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  1. It is the biggest 2021 Hollywood movie at the Indian box office.
  2. It has the 2nd largest opening day collection in India for a Hollywood movie.
  3. It was released on 3200+ screens in India, the widest release for a Hollywood movie till now.
  4. In the USA, it has the 2nd biggest opening day collection just after Endgame.
  5. In the USA, it became 3 biggest opening weekend of all time.
  6. In India, it is the 3rd biggest Hollywood movie of all time.
  7. Only 2021 movie to cross $1 billion in the world.

All these records are phenomenal. This proves how many Indian fans love Spider-Man and his movies and why he is the most popular superhero in the Marvel universe.

Let’s look at what its final collection amount will be. Even if it crosses 200 crores in India, it will make it the 3rd highest-grossing Hollywood movie in India, after ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

But there is also a big competition from the movie ‘Pushpa‘ which was released in the same week. This might make its collection dip in the south Indian market.

By the way, Sony’s last superhero movie Venom 2 at Box Office India crossed 23 crores. Overall, Marvel movies continue their terrific success streak in India. Looking forward to the records their movies will make in 2022.

Spider-Man No Way Home was released in India on 16 December. It was out one day earlier than in the USA. It was available in 3D, 4DX, ScreenX and IMAX formats as well.


So now you Spider-Man No Way Home box office collection in India. It will go down as one of the most successful movies at the Indian box office.

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