The Fulmino Fan Show

The Fulmino Fan Show is a Weekly LIVE Show in Hindi on my YouTube channel where I discuss Superhero news and Chat with SuperHero Fans like you. Get your regular dose of Marvel, DC & Pop culture Movies and TV shows updates. Every Wednesday at 10:30 PM. This show is inspired by The John Campea Show, Collider Movie Talk, & AMC Movie Talk.

The Fulmino Fan Show

The show has two segments:

  • SuperSamachar: Here we disucss the latest news from the worlds of Marvel & DC.
  • SuperChat: Here I take your live chat and try to answer them from my point of view.
  • Support the Show by giving a SuperChat during Live Show or Buy Me A Coffee!

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The audio version of this show is then uploaded to my podcast on Spotify. You can also Follow it on these platforms as well.