Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Box-Office & OTT in India

Last updated on 7 January 2023.

The Spider-Verse chapters are now the favorite of many, but did the Box Office also reflect the same? Let’s find out!

Spider-Verse 2 India Box-Office Collection

Across The Spider-Verse was the highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Into The Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man Across The Spider-verse made ₹45 Crores at the box office in India. It has now become the highest-grossing animated film in the country. The worldwide collection stands at $684 Million.

Here is the box-office report for its opening weekend in India:

  • Thursday: ₹4.2 Crores
  • Friday: ₹3.3 Crores
  • Saturday: ₹5.2 Crores
  • Sunday: ₹6.1 Crores

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You can see that because of the great reviews it got, the collection increased on Saturday and Sunday. Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai are where it got the most traction.

Marvel fans were excited about it because the previous installment was praised by everyone. The comedy worked along with its unique animated style, many easter eggs to other Spider-Men, and the final twist.

The one-day early release of Across The Spider-Verse in India also helped to fill the seats. But some fans were a little disappointed that there was no 3D version. Still, they love their friendly neighborhood superhero and went to enjoy it on the big screen.

One big marketing factor was the addition of an Indian Spider-Man, voiced by cricketer Shubman Gill. It was also dubbed in 10+ local languages. But note that 75% of Across The Spider-Verse’s collection in India was from English shows only.

So, while usually animated films don’t get a bigger audience here, all these factors worked in their favor.

Even Sony Pictures India celebrated its success with the record it made:

Moving to the worldwide revenue, it was very successful in the USA & Canada as well as the UK, Germany, Mexico, and Japan. Overall, it performed way better than Into The Spider-Verse.

There is also a buzz right now that it will again be an Oscar contender this year.

Across The Spider-Verse OTT in India

This is a Sony Pictures distribution and they don’t have their streaming service yet. That’s why they made a deal with Netflix in 2022 and that’s where it will ultimately land.

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse was streaming on Netflix India from 01 October 2023. India is getting earlier than the domestic market of the US, where it will be available on Netflix from October 31.

It is expected that it will not be available online too soon because of how well it is still performing in the theatres.

Hope that the OTT platform will keep the 10 languages as well because that will definitely increase its reach in all parts of the country and will be good for building the excitement of the upcoming ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’.

And maybe because of this massive success, they will expand to more animated projects in the same universe. There are rumors of a Gwen Stacy spin-off or they can continue it after the trilogy as well.


So now you have the Indian Box-Office Report of Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse, along with an OTT update.

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