Shang-Chi Total Box Office in India (20cr+ Collection)

Last updated on 02 January 2022.

Marvel proved its success in India yet again with Shang-Chi. This 25th movie in the MCU franchise performed extremely well in our country. Check out the Shang-Chi box office collection in India.

Shang-Chi Box India Box Office Collection

Shang-Chi box office collection in India is ₹23.7 Crores. This is great considering it is a debut movie of a completely new superhero in this universe.

The success of Hollywood movies like ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ at the Indian Box-office is a positive sign for Indian multiplexes who are facing huge losses since they were not open for so many months.

There were also no major Bollywood releases right now. So, Hollywood is currently a saviour for our theatre industry. 

Marvel’s Shang-Chi was released in India on 03 September 2021. It became the first MCU or Marvel movie to be released in our country after 2 years and also, exclusively in movie theatres. It was released on Hotstar on November 12.

The first week was also amazing for the Shang-Chi box office in India. It opened with around 3 crores on the first Friday and ₹10+ Crores on its opening weekend in India.

Crossing ₹20 Crores is an achievement considering that movie theatres are currently open in limited parts of India. They are also operating at just 50% capacity.

Cinema Halls were still not open in Maharashtra when this movie arrived in our country. The biggest states where it got most of its collection were Delhi-NCR and Tamil Nadu.

While other Marvel movies like Avengers Endgame box-office collection in India was more than ₹300 Crores in the past, Shang-Chi was a completely new superhero in this universe.

Hollywood movies also don’t perform so great here except when they are big-known titles like Avengers or Jungle Book. Still, it is the 4th highest-grossing 2021 Hollywood movie at the Indian box office.

So, if a movie on a new superhero managed to cross 20 Crores in India, we have to call it a Box-Office Hit for sure.

Shang-Chi Worldwide Box-Office 

The worldwide box-office collection for this movie currently stands at $432 Million. It opened with a fabulous $75 million weekend in the domestic US market, which was way beyond expectation.

This is still less than Black Widow but has surpassed F9 & Free Guyin the total worldwide box office collection. The other countries where it made most of its bucks are South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Hong Kong and India.

This box-office collection might have been a little higher if it also opened in China. There were also some nations where it opened in a limited capacity (like Australia) or didn’t get a theatrical release at all.

The next MCU movies which are coming out in 2021 are Eternals and Spider-Man No Way Home. Eternals is expected to make more box-office in India because it is releasing at the Diwali holiday weekend. ‘No Way Home’ is also likely to break many records this year.


So, now you know Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings India box office collection. We can also say it is a Superhit movie since it managed to cross 20 crores rupees during these difficult times.

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