PVR Passport Pass: 10 Important Rules You Should Know

Last updated on 28 October 2023.

Should you buy the PVR Passport Pass? Learn about all the important terms and conditions before getting one for you!

What is the PVR Passport?

The biggest Multiplex chain in India has now come up with ‘MoviePass’ for the desi moviegoers.

PVR Passport is a prepaid monthly subscription launched by PVR-INOX. You can watch 10 movies in PVR or INOX movie theatres at just ₹699 per month. The pass can be bought from the official PVR & INOX App or website.

Once you get it, you will get the option to use the pass on the payment page while booking the tickets. You also have to carry your government ID when entering the cinema.

While films like Jawan, Gadar 2, and Pathaan have brought a large amount of audience back to the big screen experience, smaller films still not working that well. PVR hopes that this ‘Weekend Pass’ will encourage some people to become regular customers.

10 Important Terms and Conditions

While it sounds good at first, there are lots of rules and conditions that you must know about.

You can also watch this video (note that it was recorded on 20 October 2023):

Here are all the terms and conditions of the PVR Passport you should know about:

  1. You can watch up to 10 movies with 30-day validity.
  2. The offer is only applicable for shows between Monday to Thursday (weekdays).
  3. Only the pass holder can use it for his/her own ticket. It means that if you want to book 4 tickets for your family/friends, you can use this voucher for your own ticket only; you have to pay the full amount for the other 3 tickets.
  4. You can only watch 1 movie in one day.
  5. The tickets should be purchased online; getting tickets from the movie counter offline is not included.
  6. You can’t book tickets in the following premium formats: GOLD, IMAX, 4DX, MX4D, ScreenX, ICE, Playhouse, PXL, LUXE, Drive-In, Director’s Cut, Insignia etc. The Recliner Seats are also not included in normal theatres.
  7. There is no rollover of ticket count. So, if you have some tickets remaining, they will not carry forward for the next month.
  8. You can’t watch the same movie twice with the pass. If you want to watch the film again, you have to buy it normally at the regular price.
  9. If the ticket price is above ₹350, then you have to pay the difference. For example, if the cost is ₹400, you have to pay ₹50 (400 – 350) additionally.
  10. The convenience fee is excluded, you have to pay it for every ticket.

Also, there is a confusing rule in the official PVR FAQs, where the pass may not be applicable for festival dates, government holidays, and special events. Some specific theatres are also excluded that you must check via the above FAQs link as well.

Currently, the movie cinemas in the entire Southern India are not included. This is because PVR is still a new player in that region and data shows that the seats are filling better than the north.

Is PVR Passport Good?

Overall, it looks like this subscription is made for people who are not coming to cinemas regularly. PVR Passport is only beneficial for those people who live near a theatre and can watch movies at night.

Most people only get free time on weekends, so there is no plus point for them.

You should remember that ticket price is mainly determined by the producers/distributors, and they will never want to give big discounts for weekends. That’s the time they make most of the money. 

If we compare it to to similar subscription by AMC, Regal, or Cinemark in the USA, PVR’s Pass is not good at all. But they can learn from their foreign counterparts.

The first big thing is to include weekend shows (I am ready to pay more for those). The movie limit can be decreased to balance that because most people will only watch 4-5 at maximum per month.

Second, they should allow premium formats like IMAX or 4DX, maybe with an extra charge of ₹100 or so like Regal Unlimited does. Many Indian projects are also now not getting made with IMAX cameras. Here is a list of Indian Films shot in IMAX.

Third, they should give a 10-20% extra discount for food/beverage purchases for pass-holders only. This can help PVR’s profits a lot.


Now you know everything about the PVR Passport movie subscription and its important terms and conditions. It’s your choice now!

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