05 Best Formats to Watch Doctor Strange 2 (IMAX, Dolby, 4DX)

Last updated on 02 May 2022.

Find out which is the best format to watch the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ movie including IMAX, Dolby, ScreenX, 4DX and 3D.

Best Format for Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

The next Marvel Studios movie is very near. But which is the best format to enjoy it at its fullest?

There are many large premium formats available right now. So, it gets confusing for a normal moviegoer to choose one. But Don’t worry, here you can get the answer:

01) Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness in IMAX

IMAX is currently the most popular technology to get the best experience of a movie. Most big Hollywood movies nowadays usually get an IMAX release, and this next Marvel feature is not an exception.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is completely shot in the 1.90:1 aspect ratio made for IMAX. This means the whole movie will cover the IMAX screen from top to bottom. You will get 26% more footage in this format.

Watch the IMAX trailer for Doctor Strange 2 here:

Doctor Strange 2 is shot with Panavision Millennium DXL2 cameras. These cameras are IMAX-certified under their new program. So, IMAX is the best format to watch Doctor Strange 2.

Please also note that most cities have two different IMAX options: 3D and 2D. While most people are now switching back to 2D, we recommend the 3D version.

IMAX 3D is better because this movie has some of the weirdest visual effects just like the previous one, which will look mind-blowing in 3D.

Another thing to remember is that the camera used in this movie is shooting digital. So, there is no extra benefit to going to an IMAX 70mm film theatre.

Doctor Strange 2 becomes the 17th movie in the list of MCU movies in IMAX.

02) Doctor Strange 2 in Dolby Atmos

Another great format to enjoy Doctor Strange 2 is Dolby Atmos. Dolby is available in more locations than IMAX and you can easily get tickets in this version.

One thing where this format is superior to others is the sound quality. So, if Sound is an important factor for you, Dolby is the way to go. The video quality is also better than a normal theatre.

03) ScreenX format

ScreenX is relatively a newer format which is slowly gaining popularity. This theatre includes the main screen in front and 2 side screens on the left and right. Overall, this results in a 270-degree panoramic experience.

Here is the ScreenX Trailer for Doctor Strange 2: 

This technology is still in a very early stage for Hollywood blockbusters. Only a few MCU years movies before have been converted for ScreenX projection. But if you are interested in trying something new, this is the best choice.

04) 4DX format

4DX is another option that most people are loving today. A 4DX movie includes a 3D/2D projection on the screen, but there are some cool additions to make your experience more awesome.

The custom seats are made to move and vibrate with what happens in the movie. There are also rain, fog and breeze effects as well. All this makes it one of the most innovative formats for Doctor Strange 2.

Those weird effects of this marvel movie will look fantastic in such theatres. 4DX is also loved by kids because of all these physical enhancements. So, if you are going to watch Doctor Strange 2 with your family, try 4DX once.

05) Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness in 3D

If all the above formats are not available near you, 3D is still a good way to enjoy Doctor Strange 2. While most people in the USA do not love this ‘“fake reality” experience anymore, a movie like Doctor Strange with amazing CGI will bend your brain in 3D.

Otherwise, watching it in any 2D theatre will also be a great choice. Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness releases on 06 May 2022.


So, now you know which is the best format to watch Doctor Strange 2. Hope you enjoy it to its fullest!

And if you don’t know who I am? I am Ranish Chauhan a.k.a. Fulmino Fan, and I love Marvel & DC Superheroes and Sci-Fi movies. You can also check my YouTube channel for amazing videos in Hindi.

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