Best Format to watch Black Panther Wakanda Forever (IMAX?)

Last updated on 07 November 2022.

The last movie of 2022 from Marvel Studios is here, but what is the best format to watch? IMAX or 4DX or ScreenX? Let’s find out!

04 Formats for Black Panther 2 in Theatres

There are many options right now for a moviegoer to enjoy their favorite flicks. But which one is best for you? 

Black Panther Wakanda Forever will release on 11 November 2022 in the USA, UK, and India. It is the 30th movie of the MCU and the sequel to the 2018’s Black Panther movie. This will also be the final film of Phase 4 of this universe. The reviews are also quite positive.

If you are planning to watch it in theatres, here are 4 best formats to watch Black Panther Wakanda Forever:

01) IMAX

IMAX is currently the most premium theatrical way to experience any big superhero or action flick. This is also our number 01 recommendation.

The best format to watch Black Panther Wakanda Forever is IMAX. It was also filmed for IMAX with a 1.90:1 ratio for most scenes. These Digital cameras used were Sony CineAlta Venice with Panavision Ultra Vista lenses.

Here is the official trailer in this expanded format: 

These sets of cameras were also used in Top Gun Maverick, Creed 3, and Mission Impossible 7. It shoots with a 6K resolution. So, expect the best underwater visuals and VFX-heavy action scenes to be more magnificent.

IMAX theatres are usually also larger than normal screens and have proprietary projectors and audio systems for the best video-audio quality. The 3D version is also brighter and doesn’t have the problem of dim lighting. There are 2D versions as well.

By the way, here is the complete list of MCU movies in IMAX.

02) Dolby

If you don’t want some extravaganza and don’t want to pay extra, watching it at a Dolby theatre is an awesome choice. Dolby promises better High Definition Resolution (HDR) along with better sound projection. It also has both 3D and 2D options.

03) 4DX

If you like 3D and want some more fun, 4DX is for you. Black Panther Wakanda Forever will definitely have a 4DX premiere. This is different because along with 3D glasses, it has some cool effects like rain, fog, moving seats, and scents.

Here is the amazing-looking 4DX poster:

4DX is also more widely available in most big nations around the world. While for longer runtime, this will be somewhat distracting, but you have some special add-ons, there is nothing better than 4DX.

04) ScreenX

While there are very limited ScreenX cinemas in the world right now, if you have one in your town, this would be a great experiment. It is the 9th MCU film to get formatted in ScreenX.

One fun fact is that Black Panther in ScreenX is the first Marvel Studios film to get released in this format.

These theatres have 2 extra screens on your left and right, providing it a 270-degree projection that is very immersive. While we don’t recommend it for long movies, it is still a good option.

Other than all this, you can wait for a few more weeks to stream it at your home with Disney+.


So now you know the best format of Black Panther Wakanda Forever including IMAX, Dolby, 3D, 4DX, and ScreenX. Choose the best for yours!

And if you don’t know who I am? I am Ranish Chauhan a.k.a. Fulmino Fan, and I love Marvel & DC Superheroes and Sci-Fi movies. You can also check my YouTube channel for amazing videos in Hindi.

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