Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will Release in 3D and IMAX

Last updated on 19 December 2023.

The visual experience will be greatly enhanced if you want to watch Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom in theatres, with these new updates.

Is Aquaman 2 going to be in 3D?

DC has been skipping 3D conversion for most of their recent movies and fans were a little disappointed with it. However, things are not the same with Aquaman 2.

Warner Bros has confirmed that Aquaman and The Lost Kingdome will have a 3D release, along with the normal 2D. The movie is directed by James Wan and stars Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson in the lead roles.

I explained this news on my YouTube channel as well:

While 3D has a declining popularity in the USA and Europe, it is still a big thing in South Asian countries like India, where Hollywood fans are accustomed to watching big VFX-heavy films with 3D glasses. Kids are also a big fan of this experience.

With the movie coming out during Christmas 2023, this will have a slightly good impact on its box office. It will be also interesting to see Aquaman’s collection in India. Don’t forget that the first one was a billion-dollar blockbuster.

2019’s Shazam was the last DC Comics film to have an official worldwide release in this format.

Many Indian DC fans were complaining about not doing the 3D conversion when Black Adam was released in 2022. It continued for their future films as well but now finally, they changed their minds.

Hopefully, all big DC superhero films in the future will do the same and give all options to the moviegoers.

Is Aquaman 2 Shot in IMAX?

Now if you want to have some more fun, you might go for IMAX 3D.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is Filmed for IMAX with an aspect ratio being 1.78:1 throughout the film. However, for Digital IMAX theatres, it might be cropped to a 1.90:1 ratio to completely fit the scenes.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom IMAX Ratio

It also looks for the normal theatres, it will also be contained in the 1.78:1 screen size, which will make it boxed in the middle.

It is shot with Panavision Millennium DXL2 cameras which are certified by IMAX for their theatres. These cameras are capable of capturing 8K footage. 

The first Aquaman also has 92 minutes of footage in the expanded ratio. This means that a lot of times we were switching between different ratios. Even the Blu-ray home release has this problem. However, this will not happen with the next part. 

The visual contrast and amazing sound quality provided by the IMAX made the first Aquaman more enjoyable. All the underwater scenes looked magnificent. The same can be said for the sequel. James Wan has fully embraced this technology this time.

3D will also make it more immersive, so IMAX 3D is the best format to watch Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

But if IMAX is not present in your city, the other premium formats are available in 4DX and ScreenX as well.

ScreenX is a panoramic 270-degree cinematic format will two more screens in the side theatre walls, that fill the full view of your eyes. 4DX cinemas have moving seats, wind, water, and scent effects to enhance the other senses.

Other than that, there will be the good old Dolby theatres as well.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is produced by newly made DC studios and will be the last film of their ‘DC Extended Universe’. The story is from the end of the first one, with Black Manta returning for revenge and destroying Aquaman and his kingdom. 


Now you know about all the updates related to 3D and the IMAX release of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Choose the format wisely!

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