Sahayatha Wheelchair (Sruthi Babu) on Shark Tank India Update

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Last updated on 11 March 2023. Find everything about Sahayatha’s pitch on Shark Tank India, its founder, and the latest updates about the company!

Sahayatha on Shark Tank India

A product for the elderly at home that will give them the liberty to move on their term for day-to-day activities.

Here are the key details about their pitch on Shark Tank:

FounderSruthi Babu
EpisodeSeason 02 Episode 49
Ask₹1 Crore for 10% equity
Deal₹1 Crore for 10% equity
SharksAman Gupta, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal

Sahayatha is a special wheelchair with Smart Defecation Cleansing. This will help in reducing the assistance help required by a patient and reduce the chances of falling. It has an In-built Commode, Battery Indicator, and Armrest with a 180-degree recline.

They have two models that they are selling on their website, online marketplaces, and direct orders from WhatsApp. The S100 model is also on Amazon (*Affiliate Link):

Or buy it by clicking here:

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The founder was looking to raise ₹1 crore for 10% equity. The goal is to help every immobile patient and lower the manufacturing cost.

Aman was the first to directly be a part of it on the same valuation. In addition, he permitted her to get a monthly salary from the business to not worry about her own household. Namita and Aman later joined him. 

Anupam was worried about the high price but the answer convinced him to become the 4th investor. Peyush was the final partner in the deal, who was already a part of 5 such startups. Only Vineeta was out but she was open to helping her anytime.

Watch the teaser of this episode here:

Sahayatha got a five-shark deal on the tank from Aman Gupta, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Peyush Bansal, for the same valuation she was asking for. They all invested ₹1 crore for 10% part of the business.

About The Founder

Sruthi Babu is the Founder & CEO of Sahayatha Wheelchairs, a product by Dhanvantri Biomedical, from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Sruthi has studied Engineering in Biomedical Instrumentation at Avinashilingam Institute. She then worked for two years as a Medical Coder at Technosoft Corp.

She worked on this for 5 years and iterated over 115 prototypes to finally achieve something good. Her father helped her in this venture. The final product was launched in July 2022. 

BIRAC granted her ₹5 lakhs and then ₹55 lakhs more for this innovation. It is supported by Tamil Nadu Government, KIIT Technology Business Incubator, Startup India, and The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy.

After Shark Tank Updates

There was a 15% off on their website after the pitch aired nationally. Use code ‘SHARKTANK15’ to get the discount. Even if you buy it from amazon, there was a 5% discount as well.

By the way, other businesses featured in this episode were Forever Modest Clothing, Wicked Gud Pasta, and Maisha Handbags by Esha.

At last, we found this official company pitch: “Dhanvantri Biomedical is working on an innovative product called Sahayatha, A smart locomotory device with an inbuilt defecation assembly to assist the mobility-impaired population. Our mission is to create better health and well-being for the mobility impaired, now and for future generations.


So now you know about Sahayatha Wheelchair’s pitch on the show and what they are doing now.

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