Ponniyin Selvan 2 Ending Explained (Changed from Books?)

Last updated on 29 April 2023.

PS2 came out and became a hit! But there was a major change in the Ending that some novel fans will definitely talk about. Let’s discuss that!

PS2 Movie Ending

First and foremost, Note that we will focus more on the books more than the actual history.

Let’s now start with what happens at the end of the Ponniyin Selvan 2 movie:

Arulmozhi Varman (aka Ponniyin Selvan) was given the Throne to the Chola Kingdom after he defeated the Rashtrakuta army. The Coronation ceremony was happening, but he sacrificed his claim and gave the Crown to his Uncle Madhuranthakan. 

Madhuranthakan in Ponniyin Selvan movie

Madhuranthakan was the cousin of Sundara Chola (the current emperor at that time). As we saw in the first film, He was conspiring with other ministers to become the next heir of the kingdom.

He even joined the enemies of Cholas (Rashtrakutas) in the second part, but then left them and joined his family back. He fought with his nephew Arulmozhi in the final battle.

Of course, this is a short summary of the film’s ending and you should watch the movie to understand it better. PS2 was released in India on 28 April 2023, and will soon drop on the Prime Video OTT platform.

Coming back to the finale, it was changed from the books. While, according to the actual historical documents, Madhuranthakan was the next king. So, they showed the truth in the ending but how it is different from the books. Let’s find out.

What Changed in Ponniyin Selvan from Novels?

Ponniyin Selvan was a real king in history. His real name was Arulmozhi Varman and then got titled ‘Raja Raja Chola I’. His brother Aditya was also assassinated in a mysterious way. So, this movie is based on a part of real history and also the novels.

The novels were published in 1955 which added a lot of fiction and a new story around this time. We call this type of genre, Historic Fiction in filmmaking. So, the Ponniyin Selvan novels are not actual depictions but a made-up epics.

According to Ponniyin Selvan’s books, it was revealed that Senthan Amuthan was the real uncle of Arulmozhi Varman and he got the crown of the Chola Kingdom. But in the movies, Madhuranthakan was the one who was coronated.

Let’s explain it in detail. Madhuranthankan was initially thought to be the son of Sembiyan Devi. He was the cousin of Sundara Chola. And just like in the movie, he planned to get the rights back to him. You can revisit the character map of Ponniyin Selvan here.

If you don’t remember, Senthan was the shiv bhakt who Vandiya Devan met in Thanjvur and was in love with Poongulzhali.

Senthan Amuthan in Ponniyin Selvan movie

But in the ‘The Pinnacle of Sacrifice’, which was the 5th book of Ponniyin Selvan’s novel, Sembiyan Devi told a big twist from the past. She gave birth to Senthan Amuthan, but he was stillborn. She got scared and decided to do something about it.

At this time, she met Mandakini Devi who had twins. Actually, Mandakini’s sister Vaani was working as a maid for Sembiyan Devi. One of the twins was Nandini Devi and the other was Madhuranthakan.

What happens is that she swapped the boys with her. This means that Sembiyan Devi actually raised Mandakini’s son. 

The maid who went to bury Senthan found that he was still breathing. So, she raised her as well. Meanwhile, Mandakini Devi left the place, and Nandini was given to a priest, as also shown in the film.

In the books, when all the secrets were revealed, Madhuranthakan left the palace and joined the Pandya conspirators. Meanwhile, Senthan Amuthan was accepted by his real mother Sembiyan Devi and he was given the Crown.

But we should again remember that the novels were also partly fiction and characters like Senthan Amuthan and Nandini Devi were not real people in history. They were created by writer Kalki to make the whole thing more interesting.

Still, there are so many questions about Ponnyin Selvan that were answered here.


So now you know what happened at the end of the Ponniyin Selvan 2 movie and what they changed from the Kalki’s novels.

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