Barbie (2023) Box-Office Report & OTT Update in India

Last updated on 25 December 2023.

Barbie crossed billion dollars worldwide, but how much did it make in India? Let’s check that out!

Barbie movie Box Office in India

Based on one of the most famous toys in human history, this live adaption was something people were excited about, seriously or ironically.

Barbie movie made ₹46 Crores at the box office in India. It is directed by Great Gerwig and stars Margot Robbie in the lead role. The worldwide collection stands at $1.4 Billion, making it the highest-grossing film of 2023.

The opening weekend box-office report of Barbie in India is as follows:

  • Friday: ₹4.5crores
  • Saturday: ₹6 crores
  • Sunday: ₹6.7 crores

You can watch my analysis of the box-office collection of Barbie movie in Hindi here:

While most moviegoers were initially thinking that Barbie would get smashed by Oppenheimer, it looks like things took a turn completely. It outperformed everyone’s expectations.

However, both films are of different genres and cater to different audiences, so it’s good to see that both are successful. You can check Oppenheimer’s box office report in India here. Now, let’s get back to the billion-dollar Barbie!

People were crazy to be a part of the Barbie event by wearing pink clothes during their screenings. The story was good with many jokes and easter eggs, and of course, everyone knows this doll. Overall, it was something that made people happy!

Barbie is now the 2nd film of 2023 to make a billion dollars at the box office, after Super Mario Bros. It opened in the North American market with a whopping $162 million collection. Even after that, it went on to make records on weekdays as well.

International markets like the UK, and Australia were also where it was a hit. The brand recognition of Barbie and the kid-friendly plot attracted family audiences way more because its competitor Oppenheimer had some intimate scenes, not suitable for kids.

This is also the first time for a solo female director to be a part $1 billion club. Greta Gerwig is becoming one of the most successful directors in Hollywood now.

But things were a little different when Barbie was released in India. One major disadvantage was that it was not dubbed in any regional language like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This definitely affected Barbie’s box office in India.

Also, the plot is a little preachy. We know that much of the Indian Hollywood fandom is young males who either like Action or Superheroes. They went on to watch Oppenheimer because it was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Still, we saw many moviegoers in pink during the first weekend in India. Couples and female friend groups filled the seats in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Barbie 2023 OTT Update in India

This film is distributed by Warner Bros Discovery worldwide and their streaming platform MAX (HBO MAX) will be where it will drop ultimately. But they are still not launched in India, so what about us?

Barbie movie is streaming in India on Jio Cinema from 21 December 2023. They also added the Hindi dubbing for the film, which was not available for the theatrical release.

WB is now developing a good relationship with Reliance’s JioCinema. A lot of DC universe and Harry Potter film series had now moved to Jio.


So now you have the full report of Barbie’s box-office collection in India with its streaming platform update. This is a good film!

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