The Plated Project (Chitresh Sinha) on Shark Tank India Update

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Last updated on. Find everything about The Plated Project’s pitch on Shark Tank India, its founder, and the latest updates about the company!

The Plated Project on Shark Tank India

Founded in 2021, this startup wants to help artists as well as end hunger problems.

Here are the key details about their pitch on Shark Tank:

NameThe Plated Project
FounderChitresh Sinha
EpisodeSeason 2 Episode 46
Ask₹75 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Deal75 Lakhs for 3.75% Equity
SharksAman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh

The Plated Project is a for-profit business that sells limited edition art-infused products. The main product line is plates made by artists and a portion of profits is donated to NGOs to provide meals for poor people.

They have both decorative & serving plates, listed on their website and online marketplaces. If you liked that decorative plates, one of the coolest designs is of this Rabbit Hole from Amazon (*Affiliate Link):

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The entrepreneur was looking for 75 lakhs in exchange for 2% shares. He wants to build a business for the country’s hunger crisis.

The mission was great and the idea was too. Everyone appreciated the cause of the pitcher. But the confusion started when it was not clear whether it is a charity or a company. Anupam was the first to point that out.

90% of sales come from decor only, but the new categories like gifting will give them a big boost if everything goes as planned. 

Anupam was the first to offer 5%, with the same deal in the tank by Vineeta & Aman. Namita was also ready to invest. The founder wanted all 4 to join hands, which Anupam rejected. But the other 3 were still in.

Watch a short promo for this pitch:

Sharks Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta Singh invested ₹75 lakhs in The Plated Project for 3.75% equity.

After Shark Tank Updates

Chitresh Sinha is the Founder of The Plated Project. The legal name is Moonreef Innovations registered in Goa but currently, operates from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Chitresh is MBA alumni of the Goa Institute of Management. He then moved to the Chlorophyll brand where joined as Marketing Manager ultimately becoming the Vice President of the company in 12 years.

But one day, he saw a poor girl on the road eating old bread on a rainy day. He wanted to take matters in his own days, and so, The Plated Project started. He built it with only his money, it is completely bootstrapped.

After Shark Tank Updates

After the episode aired, The Plated Project offered free shipping on their website. They also created an exclusive collection based on the personas of the three new investors they got on the tank.

The goal is to become a ₹100 Crore business by 2025. The new customers they were looking for are from Middle-East Countries.

By the way, other businesses featured in this episode were Z Cricket Bats, VSnapU Photography, and The Health Factory Protein Breads.

Before saying goodbye, let’s take a look at the official company pitch: “The Plated Project uses art to end world hunger. It collaborates with leading global artists to create limited-edition artistic products. Each product when sold puts food on another’s plate.


So now you know about did The Plated Project got a deal on Shark Tank or not.

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