The Flash movie Box-Office Collection in India (& OTT Update)

Last updated on 7 January 2024.

DC Fans had big hopes with The Flash, but did it get the money on the Box-Office? Let’s check that out.

The Flash Box Office in India

A movie based on the Flashpoint storyline, has Flash, Two Batmans, and a Supergirl; this needs to be a big hit, right?

The Total Box Office collection of The Flash movie is ₹28 Crores in India. About 70% of it is from the English language only. The worldwide collection stands at $268 Million.

The Flash was released in India on 15 June 2023, which was one day earlier than the USA premiere date. Maybe this was done to earn some money before Adipurush came out and got most of the screens the very next day.

This big competition was a major minus point for the Film. Also, it was not converted to 3D format, which disappointed some fans. By the way, The Flash has all IMAX shows here.

Watch the full Box-Office Report for The Flash in Hindi:

The opening weekend in India was ₹16.8 Crores. The day-wise breakdown is as follows:

  • Thursday: ₹4.3 Crores
  • Friday: ₹3.3 Crores
  • Saturday: ₹4.5 Crores
  • Sunday: ₹4.7 Crores

Because of all the good reviews, the collection increased on Saturdays and Sundays. But since it is a Hollywood film, we know that the first weekend is the main time when it will sell most of its tickets in India (except if it is an Avengers or Avatar film).

Overall, we can call it a HIT if we compare it to many other Hollywood movies. However, the DC brand value is declining. Marvel still had a good fan base intact, as we can see in the Good Collection of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3 in India.

Talking about the International Box Office, things are not the same. The weekend collection domestically is lower than 2022’s Black Adam, which was not able to cross $300 Million in total.

So, it is not looking great for the DC and the possibility of a sequel is going now very less. The Flash was expected to be a game-changer but it didn’t have that impact.

The Flash OTT Update in India

There is no doubt that HBO MAX (or just MAX now) will be the home for this film in the USA. But what about the Indian DC fans? Because we don’t have that platform here.

DC’s The Flash movie is streaming on Jio Cinema in India from 15 November 2023. It is available in all Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Recently, Jio made a deal with Warner Bros Discovery and most of their movies and popular shows have now moved to their OTT service. 

While most of the previous DC movies were on Amazon Prime like Black Adam was on Prime Video in India, it will change with the new deal between Jio and Warner Bros. Future HBO Shows and  DC movies will be exclusive to Jio only.

Directed by Andy Muscheitti, The Flash was one of the most anticipated Superhero movies of 2023. It did win the hearts of the DC fans but the normal moviegoers are not that keen to go to their nearby theater.

It hurt DC more and more after how badly Black Adam and Shazam 2 performed as well. Now, we need to see what the future of the Flash will be in the new Universe. There were some teases in the end, but we all know a lot is changing with DC Studios.


So now you know how much DC’s The Flash movie collected at the Indian Box Office. we also updated the streaming information for India as well.

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