Healthy Master Snacks (Millets) on Shark Tank India Update

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Last updated on 04 March 2023. Find everything about the pitch of Healthy Master Snacks on Shark Tank India, the founders, and the latest updates about the company!

Healthy Master on Shark Tank India

Are you looking for a healthier snacking option for your kids? This startup has something for you.

Here are the key details about their pitch on Shark Tank:

NameHealthy Master
FounderShivali Garg, Dipti Singhal, Tarun Agrawal
EpisodeSeason 2 Episode 44
Ask₹50 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Deal₹50 Lakhs for 6.5% Equity
SharkVineeta Singh

Healthy Master claims to be the biggest healthy mulching brand in India. They have 250+ snacks, that are made from Nuts, Millet, Oats, and Berries. The taste is on point, with no preservatives and very less oil.

For kids, the best snack is to start with a chocolate cream fills pack, that is on Amazon (*Affiliate Link): 

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The ask was for ₹50 lakhs in return for 2% shares. The vision is to make India Junk-Free.

Vineeta was very impressed with the taste, so she was almost ready from the beginning.

The sales for FY 2021-22 were ₹1.31 Crores while still in the loss-making phase. They are still expanding in corporate and hotels. But that was also a challenge to focus on too many different types of clients.

A shorter shelf-life is another challenge that restricts them from offline stores. And they also have a lot of categories to juggle.

There was also a big issue of a high customer acquisition cost. While Healthy Master has a mobile app, which is a great strategy, it is very difficult to sustain itself in such a crowded industry without paid advertising.

All this is why, Aman, Namita, Anupam, and Peyush were out. Only Vineeta was the one who saw something in there.

Watch a small part of the full pitch here.

Healthy Master Snacks got a deal from Vineeta Singh on Shark Tank India with an investment of ₹50 lakhs for a 6.5% stake in the startup.

About The Founders

Shivali Garg, Dipti Singhal, and Tarun Agrawal are the co-founders of Healthy Master Snacks. Shivali is the chairperson and Tarun operates as the CEO. Dipti is the MD. The company is based in Banglore, Karnataka, under Shashila Healthy Master Pvt Ltd.

Shivali and Dipti were neighbors and as mothers, they faced the same issue of giving only healthy food to their kids.

The idea came to Shivali when her kid had an intestine infection, and he couldn’t eat outside. So, she with her husband Tarun and friend Dipti decided to start Healthy Master.

Tarun did his MBA from Pacific University and then co-founded a granite export business, PSG International Stone. But he came on board with his wife to help her with this venture. Friend Dipti has experience as Finance Manager in GMR and Space Matrix.

After Shark Tank Updates

After the episode aired, they gave a 20% discount code ‘SHARKTANK’ for a limited time.

Shivali also shared a post on Linkedin about their journey from starting it to coming on the tank.

By the way, other businesses featured in this episode were Kitsons Stationery, London Bubble Co Waffle Mix, and Waggy Zone Pet Ice Creams.

Last, here is the official company pitch: “Founded by two Moms, with the sole purpose to provide quality bites with delicious taste. Healthy Masters is a one-stop counter for all health needs. The vision is to spread awareness of healthy eating habits while making quality products available at your doorstep. Healthy Master is now on a mission to replace Junk Food with Healthy Food and aims to be the next big thing in the Indian nutrition space.


So now you know about the pitch of Healthy Master Snacks on the show and what’s the latest update we have about them.

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