Ghar Soaps (Sayyam & Sunny) on Shark Tank India Update

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Last updated on 21 January 2023. Find out everything about the pitch of Ghar Soaps on Shark Tank India, its founders with the latest updates about the company!

Ghar Soaps on Shark Tank India

Young Brothers made a Crorepati business with their exceptional marketing skills, that’s the story of Ghar Soaps.

Here are the key details about the pitch of Ghar Soaps on Shark Tank:

Business NameGhar Soaps
FounderSayyam Jain
Episode no.Season 02 Episode 12
Ask₹60 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Accepted Offer₹60 Lakhs for 4% Equity
SharksAman Gupta
Current StatusIn-business

Ghar Soaps is an online skincare brand to make it easier for people. They claim that their products have the benefits of traditional Ayurveda and modern science. Ghar offers a wide variety of products for all skin, body, and hair care.

They have a website as well as a presence on online marketplaces. Here is one of their best-selling Organic Wax Powder on Amazon (*Affiliate Link):

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Pitcher brothers were ready to give 2% equity for ₹60 lakhs. The idea of Ghar Soaps came after they got some gifts from their neighbors that they liked. So, those gifts then turned into a full online brand by the entrepreneurs.

Their sales were already ₹1 crore per month before the Shark Tank’s pitch with a 15% profit margin.

The first main part of the pitch was that sharks were confused by founder Sayyam’s decision to drop out after the 11th class, even after being a topper. Check a small teaser of it:

Namita was the first to go out because she has already invested in a Skin Care brand called Auli on Shark Tank season 01.

Ultimately everyone found out the business is mainly about marketing than an innovative product. But the amazing profits and branding were there.

That’s why Anupam & Peyush offered the funding of 10%. Aman was also interested but he wanted the same. Now it’s up to pitchers to decide. They came back asking for more money but in the end, there was only one.

The founders of Ghar Soaps closed the deal with shark Aman Gupta by investing ₹60 Lakhs for 4% Equity.

About The Founders

Sayyam Jain and Sunny Jain is the founder of Ghar Soaps. Their startup is located in Pune, Maharashtra.  

Sayyam is not a 12th pass but still, he is a good digital marketer. He started learning it in 11th class and build an eCommerce brand of up to $1 Million. But he got scammed early on. He then founded Ecom Express where he made dropshipping stores in USA & UK.

He then started Ghar Soaps in 2019, but he still continuing his digital services journey with Ecom Cure.

Sunny is another co-founder who did his college at Banglore’s Christ University. He manages the accounts and operations.

After Shark Tank Updates

There was no instant update after the episode but it was confirmed that the deal was finalized.

By the way, other businesses pitched on this episode were Janitri and Jaipur Watch Company.

Ending with the official company pitch: “Ghar Soaps isn’t focussed on selling only soaps, facewash, etc. other brands do. Our motive is to solve all your skincare problems with our simple and effective products. Skincare should be as simple as it can be and we are here to make your skincare simple and effective.


So now you know about Ghar Soaps’ pitch on Shark Tank with all the latest news we got from them.

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