Best Format to Watch Fast X: IMAX, Dolby, 3D? (Age Rating?)

Last updated on 14 May 2023.

If you are an admirer of Fast & Furious, then you want to experience this 10th chapter in the best way possible. Here is a simple guide to choose between IMAX, Dolby, 3D for Fast X!

Best Format to Watch Fast X

When there are so many different cinema types, it might become difficult to choose between all of them.

The Best Format to watch Fast X is Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. As we know, Dolby is known for having the best sound system in the world. So, a movie like Fast & Furious, which has many car racing scenes, the audio becomes a major decision to choose it.

It is releasing on 19 May 2023 in the USA and Fast X will premiere one day earlier in India on 18 May.

Recent new Dolby screen also has a better projection contrast compared to any normal theaters. But there are many more options like IMAX, 3D, 4DX, and ScreenX. Let’s check them one-by-one.

Is Fast X made in IMAX?

Fast X is not filmed in IMAX and will not have any scene in the expanded aspect ratio. It is shown in a 2.39:1 ratio throughout the movie. But you will still get better video quality due to digital remastering and a large screen size.

Here is the IMAX teaser they specially made for it:

IMAX is a premium format that is becoming more and more popular in today’s time because of how it really encapsulates the theatrical experience we crave for in these action flicks.

Other Formats to check

Another good format for Fast X is 4DX. In these theaters, there are motion-enhanced seats. So, when the car drifts on the screen, your screen will move with it too. Also, there are wind and light effects. So, if you like this type of immersion, you might check it.

Fast X is also converted in 3D. 3D Projections are still popular in India, South Korea and many Asian countries. Also, note that you can also IMAX, 3D and ScreenX also might have 3D options.

The last one is the all-new ScreenX. ScreenX has two additional screens on the left and right wall that gives you a 270-degree view to completely feel the magic of the movie. 

What is Age rating of Film X?

Fast X has been rated PG-13 in the USA. This means that parents must think properly before taking their children under the age of 13 years because there will be more violent action scenes this time. The age rating is 12A in the UK and UA in India.

This film rating is described as “intense sequences of violence and action, language and some suggestive material.” All the previous 9 outings were PG-13 as well. However, there is no mention of any nudity or drugs influence.

Overall, the excitement for this 10th film is quite real and they are expected it to be one of the biggest box-office hits of 2023. New additions like Jason Momoa and Brie Larson, with Jason Statham and Charlize Theron is also something that fans are loving it.

Let’s see how well it performs. The one downside is that this is just Part 1 of the ending, which might affect the enthusium among normal moviegoers.


So now you know which is the best format to watch Fast & Furious 10 in the theatres. Hope the movie revitalizes the legacy of the franchise!

And if you don’t know who I am? I am Ranish Chauhan a.k.a. Fulmino Fan, and I love Marvel & DC Superheroes and Sci-Fi movies. You can also check my YouTube channel for amazing videos in Hindi.

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