Why Watch Dune 2 in IMAX? (with 3D, 70mm Update)

Last updated on 25 February 2024.

Dune 2 is a cinematic masterpiece, that’s what everyone is saying! So, if you are going to watch in a cinema, prefer IMAX. Why? Let’s find out!

Dune Part Two Shot in IMAX

Part Two will be released worldwide on March 1 with a lot of fans excited to watch it on the big screen.

Dune 2 is “filmed for IMAX”, with complete it being shot with IMAX-certified cameras. It will have a 1.90:1 aspect ratio throughout the movie.

Cinematographer Greig Fraser shot the sequel with Arri’s Alexa LF and Alexa 65 cameras. The last film has about 60 minutes of footage in expanded ratio, but this one will be 100% from start to finish.

Here is the official IMAX trailer embracing a grander scale:

IMAX screens are usually bigger than normal screens and they have a decent sound system. The screens are closer to your view and big speakers are located at the back.

So, if you are going to watch the 2nd part of Dune, whose prequel won Oscars for Cinematography, Score, and Production Design, then there is nothing better than this format.

Also, these theatres are designed in such a way that the screen is stretched from top to bottom on the front wall. That makes you feel like you are not just watching a movie on a big screen but if it is happening in front of you. More Immersive you can say!

Here is the difference:

Dune 2 normal vs IMAX aspect ratio

Part two will be more action-packed with a lot of action scenes, a batter between two houses in a desert, and people riding giant sandworms. Christopher Nolan even said it was the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ level of sequel.

IMAX is also doing special fan screenings on February 25 in some places. If you are living in India, Dune 2 will premiere on February 29 only in IMAX, one day earlier than Friday’s release. 

Dune 2 is coming on 70mm IMAX also

We rarely see movies to be released in 70mm IMAX, so it’s good that it is happening with Dune.

Warner Bros will release Dune 2 in IMAX 70mm in about 12 IMAX theatres. It will be 40 minutes of sequences presented in a 1.43:1 aspect ratio.

9 of these theatres are in the USA, with others in Canada, UK and Australia. You can get the list from the official IMAX website.

This is happening because WB saw how successful Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer was in 70mm. A lot of people rewatched the film again in 70mm and tickets were selling crazy. 

70mm is considered better because it has crisper picture quality blasted from a physical reel on a very large screen. However, the difference between Dune and Oppenheimer is that the latter was natively shot with a film camera, while Dune was done with digital ones.

Is Dune 2 to be released in 3D?

There is some bad news here.

Dune Part Two will not be released in 3D format. While the prequel was converted into 3D and IMAX 3D, Studio decided to skip that this time.

Some fans even complained about it on social media, but now it’s too late. 3D is still a popular format in many countries, including India, and especially among younger audiences. The only option is 2D, and IMAX is better. 

Note that even if you are going for 4DX, you won’t get 3D glasses. But you can go for it if you want seats moving like a sandstorm, with light, air, and scent effects.

But what if your city doesn’t have an IMAX? Well, there are some more options. 

Other Formats to Consider

Dolby Atmos or any other Dolby option is a good option for IMAX as well. Dolby theatres are known for amazing sound and Dune is a film that needs a good surround sound setting to experience it at its peak.

4DX has already discussed about, but if not even that, the only one left is ScreenX. These ScreenX halls have 2 side screens on the same wall to give you a panoramic view. 

Dune 2 is stacked with an amazing ensemble cast including Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Stellan Skarsgard, Florence Pugh, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, Rebecca Ferguson, and Dave Bautista.

It is directed by Denis Villeneuve, who got a lot of praise for how he executed Part One.

All and all, this film will give you a good day at the cinema! A cinematic experience like Avatar or Interstellar is what is expected.


Now you know about which format to choose to enjoy Dune Part Two in theatres. There are many more choices, so decide for yourself!

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