Daily Dump (Poonam Bir Kasturi) on Shark Tank India Update

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Last updated on 17 January 2023. Find out everything about the Daily Dump pitch on Shark Tank India, its founder with the latest updates about the company!

Daily Dump on Shark Tank India

Starting in 2006, this is definitely one of the oldest businesses on the show.

Here are the key details about the pitch of Daily Dump on Shark Tank:

Business NameDaily Dump
FounderPoonam Bir Kasturi
Episode no.Season 02 Episode 11
Ask₹80 Lakhs for 4% Equity
Accepted Offer₹30 Lakhs for 4% Equity + ₹50 Lakhs Debt
SharksNamita Thapar
Current StatusIn-business

Daily Dump designs and sells composters. They have a wide range of products from indoor composters for homes as well as big ones for societies. There are also accessories like the Remix Powder.

You can get them from their websites and online marketplaces. Here is the Gobble Junior composter sets for beginners on Amazon (*Affiliate Link):

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The ask was for ₹80 lakhs by giving 4% shares. They have more than 80,000 customers at the time of the shooting. The sales for FY 2021-22 were ₹3.75 crores.

Everyone was fazed by the enthusiasm and mission of the founder. She even roasted some of the sharks. Here is a clip from that:

Aman was concerned about the actual usage and others were also questioning the high price point. This is why many were out except Namita, she was ready to join hands.

Shark Namita Thapar closed the deal for ₹30 lakhs for 4% equity and the rest of ₹50 lakhs as a loan at 10% interest.

About The Founder

Poonam Bir Kasturi is the founder of Daily Dump. She is also known as Compostwali. Her business is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

Poonam is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design. She then started Indstree Crafts Pvt Ltd and later became founder faculty at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology. 

Then in 2006, she started making these home composters, which later was incorporated as PBK Waste Solutions Pvt Ltd or Daily Dump. 

She received the Swachh Entrepreneur award in 2018 from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Her innovative products were also highlighted in Victoria and Albert Museum in 2019.

Arjun Dev is the new co-founder who she hired. He is going to manage it in the future. He was the senior VP of Simeio Solutions before.

After Shark Tank Updates

After the episode was aired, Daily Dump did a special sale for 10% Off using SHARKTANK coupon code. Namita also opened up about why she invested in it. She did contribute towards the environment and the pedigree of Poonam Kasturi in this sector.

Peyush also advised making the composter cheap but getting more profits from the regular magic powder. 

By the way, other businesses featured in this episode were ABC Sports and Primebook.

Let’s take a final view at their official company pitch: “Daily Dump is a leader in composting products that are designed to change mindsets around waste and the ease of doing composting in India. Our vision has been to constantly re-imagine our relationship with the earth, with each other, and with our urban spaces.


So now you know about the pitch of the Daily Dump composite brand on Shark Tank and all the latest updates. We hope their mission gets more awareness around the country.

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