Arata Hair Care on Shark Tank India Update

Last updated on 18 February 2024.

Find everything about Arata’s pitch on Shark Tank India, its founders, and the latest updates about the company!

Arata on Shark Tank India

This is a beauty brand that can be the next big thing in the country.

Here are the key details about their pitch on Shark Tank:

FoundersDhruv Bashin, Dhruv Madhok
EpisodeSeason 3 Episode 10
Ask₹1 Crore for 1.25% Equity
Deal₹1 Crore for 2% Equity
SharksNamita Thapar, Vineeta Singh

Arata is a hair care brand for different types of hair, including curly, short, and frizzy ones. They have more than 50 items in their catalog.

20% of their sales come from their website, while the rest from online marketplaces. One of their most popular product is ARATA Super Shampoo, now available on Amazon (*Affiliate Link):

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The ask was for ₹1 crore in exchange for 1.25% equity, to become the number 1 high-performance hair care brand in India.

Vineeta, being from the beauty space, already knew about them and how funded and successful they were. She was not sure why they were still on the show. But the pitchers wanted to take the brand to a whole new level.

They have raised a lot of money in the early days, with the sales reaching ₹17 crores FY2022-23. So, Arata had good money backing them as well as customers flowing in. But all these had one caveat: it is still a loss-making company.

There is hope with the runway for very low for them. Shark’s smart money is very much they need right now. Namita was the first to offer, joined by Vineeta.

Watch the full pitch here:

Vineeta Singh and Namita Thapar invested ₹1 crore for 2% equity in Arata at Shark Tank India.

About The Founders

Dhruv Bashin and Dhruv Madhok are the co-founders of Arata. 

Bhasin studied business at Lancaster University, and opened many ventures like Kalakar Exports and Success Capital, before Arata.

Madhok also earned his bachelor’s in Business from USC Marshall School of Business. After that, he was been Analyst at KPMG, Digital Head at PVR, and Marketing Head at Bird Apps. He also co-founded a food-ordering startup Snacket in 2014.

Famous actress Tapsee Pannu has also been their brand ambassador.

After Shark Tank Updates

The entrepreneurs were happy with the new deal they got with the sharks. They also uploaded many videos on social media, answering questions about their ingredients, and the response they got after the pitch.

 It’s great to see that they still have a sense of humor, inspite of all the challenges, as you can see from this Insta video:

By the way, other businesses featured in this episode were Goenchi Feni and VECROS AI Drones.

Here is more about Arata, other than the pitch: “As India’s leading hair beauty experts, we blend the power of science and the goodness of nature to craft formulas that deliver results. We work with dermatologists and skincare experts to develop advanced solutions that address the needs of Indian hair and give it the love it deserves. Each ingredient in our products ensures a beautiful transformation for your hair and makes it healthier and stronger than ever.


So now you know about Arata’s pitch at Shark Tanks India with its founders. We hope they overcome all the near-future challenges.

And if you don’t know who I am? I am Ranish Chauhan a.k.a. Fulmino Fan, a Fan of the Shark Tank show. 

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