Best Marvel & DC Superhero Toys & Merchandise

Check out some of the best official Marvel & DC Superhero Merchandise and Toys you can buy online in India:

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01) Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet comic book

Infinity Gauntlet is the comic book on which ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ movies are based upon. The story follows after Thanos has got all the 6 infinity stones and now, all Marvel superheroes unite to save the universe.

If you are a big MCU fan, then this is a must in your collection. BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON.

Avengers Endgame is also the highest-grossing Hollywood film in India.

02) Iron Man T-shirt

India has a big fan following for this Tech superhero, so you need to have a good Iron Man Tee in your wardrobe. The below T-shirt is both classy and cool looking.

The Souled Store is selling one of the best T-shirt companies in the country and you can definitely trust their quality. GET IT NOW.

03) Captain America Hoodie

If it is wintertime when you are checking this list, you must defend yourself from the Snow devil. A Captain America hoodie will definitely help you from RedWolf.

You might have also seen me wearing this on my LIVE YouTube Show. You can get it from Amazon now.

04) DC’s Injustice Year One collection

This comic book storyline has completely changed the DC universe. When Superman tries to change the world, Batman is here to stop him. ‘Injustice: Gods among us’ collects the first 12 issues in one magazine.

This is a perfect gateway comic to the Injustice storyline, available on Amazon.

05) Thor Hammer Wall Sticker

If you are a fan of Thor and want a thunderous wall sticker on your wall, then this sticker is for you. Official Marvel Sticker by Asian Paints at a very cheap price. The product is really high0-quality.

Smash your wall with Mjolnir. Get it Now.

06) JOKER Mouse Pad

Heath Ledger’s Joker might be the most popular comic book character ever presented on the big screen. This Mousepad will be helpful to get motivated every day on your table.

This is a must for a ‘The Dark Knight’ franchise lover. Buy it Now.

07) BoAt Black Panther Headphones

The boAt has introduced their all-new official Marvel Headphones for all the Superhero fans of India. These wireless on-ear headphones will definitely showcase how much you’re the Marvel King The Black Panther.

It also has a battery backup of 15 hours. Get it Now.

08) DC’s Flashpoint comic book

Flashpoint is one of the most sold comic books in history. This storyline completely brings the DC universe into a new era where heroes are against each another and Flash needs to save this from happening.

Flashpoint is loved by every DC fan and if you are one of them, you must have it, available on Amazon.

09) Kelly Kapoor Funko from The Office

That’s what she said! If you are a regular Office watcher, then you must get an official Funko Pop in your collection, to always remind you how much you like it.

Kelly Kapoor will help you with this problem. Purchase it now.

10) Harry Potter collection

Calling yourself a Harry Potter fan without having this book collection in your library, might not be a good idea. This box set will completely immerse you in this magical world.

Written by one and only J. K. Rowling, now available online in India.

11) Marvel’s House of M comic book

Recent MCU show ‘WandaVision’ and movie ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is best on this comics story. ‘House of M’ is the epic event when Scarlet Witch alters reality where Mutants are in majority. Wolverine & the team now has to reverse the actions to save the globe.

This edition covers all 8 single instalments into one, get it from Amazon.

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